Privacy Policy

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—-Section 1—-


This site is covered by the law and the rules of The Netherlands and is hosted from The Netherlands. This site is owned and operated by CyberTech Europe, and all your questions regarding privacy should be focused in the first instance to Please note that we keep data for a minimum period of time, as indicated in the law of our country. Each form of privacy sensitive information that is displayed is on public parts of this site, may be deleted on written request addressed to the address below. Please note that a small administrative fee may be requested.

Collection of data

This web site collects data in accordance with the Dutch law. This website logs IP addresses, not including any personal data of visitors, the server logs are used to help identify problems within the site and are accessible for the police and other judicial authorities in the Netherlands.

—Section 2 —
 Cookies & sessions for data collection
 This website uses cookies to identify data to keep on a system. These data include, among other information on the type of browser or the language settings of a browser. Personal information that can be stored in a cookie is available only for a period that you specify. It is possible to configure your browser so that the creation of cookies is avoided.
—Section 3 —
Information for third parties
Dispite that we don’t sell any information, we give some additional information by other interested parties in order to provide a better service. The following third parties have access to a part of our data:
Google Analytics cookies: Google Analytics is our primary web statistics software, there are no identifiable data sent to Google analytics but geographical locations where these are available.

—Section 4 Payments—
Payment Systems
Our payment systems use SSL and all payments go through our sales provider and PayPal.NL. The payments will be handled off-site. All payments shall be made by a third party sales at this URL address. You can come into contact with them via their contact page.
The following data is stored on our site:
name, (Delivery) address, telephone number, email address, IP address
Are you concerned, please contact regarding your orders via our email address
—Section 5 —
Server hosting details
As the owner of the server of this website, we are legally obliged to provide information about the incoming and outgoing traffic on our website to the right authorities of computer use in our country.
—Section 6 Objections—
If you need information or you are convinced that there is an error within this document, that you can contact us via e-mail
Do you feel that your case is not being handled correctly, then you can direct this to the De Geschillencommissie. Or you can also direct it to theEuropean ODR platform ( We are seriouse with your privacy and sell or use your information not in a way that can be seen as inappropriate, both ethically as stated in Dutch legislation.